ProBueno is a new way to raise money for charity
Communities in a Nutshell

We turn the talents of your club members, alumni, employees into donations. Our platform makes it easy for them to offer help to their communities. In return, they ask for donations to your nonprofit.

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Examples of what supporters have offered

  1. Baking cookies
  2. Tutoring math
  3. Reviewing college applications
  4. Offering career advice
  5. Coding apps
  6. Teaching guitar
  7. Reviewing resumes

View communities in action

36 volunteers
2125 in value offered
76 volunteers
7810 in value offered
24 volunteers
2260 in value offered

How it works

  • Getting set up takes five minutes
  • Enroll the first 10 volunteers
  • Send an email to your supporters asking them to offer a service to benefit your organization
  • The offers will be listed and managed by ProBueno
  • Payments for services are actually donations to your organization

Why Use ProBueno?

  • It's fundraising without asking for money!
  • Connect current members
  • Engage your community online
  • Set up time is minimal (under 5 min)
  • We set you up on a dedicated page to track progress