ProBueno is a new way to raise money for charity
So here's how you can use ProBueno
  1. Find your favorite non-profit (we have over 1 million in our system)
  2. Tell us what talents you would be willing to offer (it can be anything - some ideas below )
  3. Share your offer with your friends and ask them to share with their friends (we will also feature you on ProBueno)
  4. When someone wants your help (it can be anyone), they make a donation using their credit card on the ProBueno website
  5. We notify you so that you can work out the logistics of where and when (most of the time, it happens via the phone or video-conference)
  6. You help them, and we make sure the donation makes it to your favorite charity
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Ok, so why should you do it?


Offer your talents

Offer to help others using your talents (what you love to do)

In return, ask for a donation

Choose where donations go to any of the 1 million+ nonprofits in our database.

Become a Hero!

Not only do you help others but you also raise money for great causes.

Get setup in 20 seconds!

Sign up with LinkedIN OR Facebook - It's quick and easy!

(Or you can sign up the old-fashioned way, takes a bit longer.)


We'll set up your profile and generate your first offer.

For example, offer to tutor someone in math, teach them to use Photoshop, or help someone get a job.

(Check out what others are offering)


You tell your friends, who will tell their friends!


When someone makes a donation, we'll help you work out the logistics.


You do your magic, and we'll make sure the money makes it to charity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are fundraising as part of a group (we call it a community), the are no costs to fundraise the first $1,000 on our platform.
Contact if you have questions about this.
Generally (or beyond the first $1,000 raised on a community), for every $100 in donations:
  • the nonprofit collects a net of $92.75
  • ProBueno collects $3 to power its services
  • and $4.25 are used to cover donation processing charges such as credit card processing, cutting checks to nonprofits, and supporting the donation processing infrastructure of our partner, FirstGiving
We support over 1 million nonprofits. We are pretty sure we support most nonprofits. We actually pull directly from the IRS the list of 501(c)3 organizations that are in good standing, essentially registered non-profits (universities, charities, churches, etc.).
If you cannot find your organization in our list, please email us at
Yes! You know best what your time is worth and what people are generally willing to pay for your offer. The price is set by default to $20 and you can edit it at any time.
Generally, we encourage our users to set a lower price in the beginning until they can get traction on their offers and then raise their price.
No, your time on ProBueno is not tax-deductible, even if you are collecting donations.
Our lawyers tell us that it's actually the same as if you volunteered for an organization. We do not know of any way for you to deduct the time from your taxes.
Of course not!
I’m sure your friends would be appalled if you suddenly started charging them a donation every time they needed a little help.
When we talk about favors, what we really mean are the ones that you would normally never get around to. For example, when your neighbor’s brother-in-law needs a new logo for his business or your cousin’s roommate is trying to get a job in your industry. Offering to help ProBueno gives you that extra incentive to make time for that person, even if they are only a friend of a friend. Most importantly, that person is purchasing your help, which means that he or she is sure to value and respect your time.
No, it is not.
Once someone makes a donation to talk to you, we will need to coordinate logistics.

Some ideas to get you started

All proceeds benefit
World Wildlife Fund Inc
Location-pin Online
I will spend 30 minutes to help you with your presentation in exchange for each donation. I can help you improve the look and feel of the presentation, help...
All proceeds benefit
Habitat For Humanity International
Location-pin Online
I will design your circuit board up to 9 sq in and provide cam files required to send to manufacturing.
All proceeds benefit
Nature Conservancy
Location-pin Online
I am offering to edit one episode of your podcast, up to an hour in length (give or take) in exchange for the donation to The Nature Conservancy. If you need...
All proceeds benefit
Khan Academy Inc
Location-pin Online
I will fold and send you 10 paper origami roses for each donation you make.
All proceeds benefit
Charity Global Inc
Location-pin Online
I'm offering one hour of my time to help you prepare for the CPA exam. Since I recently passed the exam, the information is all still very fresh. Some things...
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Questions? Email the founding team directly: michel at probueno dot com