Pre-approve a donation
Show them you’re serious. We won’t process the donation until you’re satisfied.
We e-mail your request
Request a favor from anyone with a valid e-mail address. We e-mail them for you.
Get the favor you need
Don’t feel guilty about needing a favor. They choose the charity, you donate.
Save the world
Get the favor you need and support one of over 1.2 million worthy causes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my credit card information?
Your credit card information is immediately passed to our payment provider, FirstGiving. We never store your credit card data, and FirstGiving’s security is like a vault.
All transactions on ProBueno are secured using 128-bit SSL encryption, this is what your bank uses.
FirstGiving is a PCI-compliant organization, which means they follow industry-standard guidelines to handle credit card transactions, and are regularly audited to maintain their PCI certification.
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Who chooses the charity?
The person you need a favor from will decide which charity they’d like the money to go to when they accept your request. If they decline, we simply cancel the donation.
Is my donation tax-deductible?
Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Because you are receiving a service from someone in exchange for your donation, you can’t deduct it from your taxes.
In some cases, what's tax deductible is the amount that exceeds the market rate for the service you received. In plain English, if an hour of my time is worth $50 and I ask you for $60 in donations in exchange, you can deduct $10 from your taxes.
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